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Sarah Vandepeer

An Adelaide Based Visual Artist

Black & White tree branches

About my Practice

For me art is like therapy. When I am learning through experimentation, I feel immersed in the creative process. This is my happy place.


My inspiration comes from the visual and sensory world around me, particularly from the familiarity and sanctuary of my home life. From the texture and colours of plants to the shapes of inanimate objects, from family photographs to childhood memories, I am drawn to them all.


My choice of medium shifts according to my subject matter, both of which are extensive and varied.


I am constantly being pulled from a subtle and muted colour palette to one that is bold, saturated and vibrant. Both extremes convey differing moods, atmospheres and emotions.  


I have almost come to terms with the precise manner in which I work, struggling with wanting to free up my style.  Oh, how I would love to paint like Picasso.  (Wouldn’t we all), but I shan’t worry about that, I just have a need to ‘enjoy the ride’.  

If you are interested in any of the works please contact the artist directly 


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