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Sarah Vandepeer

She is about… What is she about? What’s the emotion? What’s her passion? What will she choose to create today?

A Jill of all trades, but a mistress of none.

Whatever she chooses, often on a whim, will work out some how, some way.

Maybe once or twice not quite the right way.


Age has not dampened youth’s exuberance and optimism,

But it has lessened the carefree spirit and created a hint of self doubt.

Now we see seriousness, thoughtfulness, but also a bit of worrryness with a hint of procrastination.

If she started again would it be changed? Should anything be changed?

There is no point thinking about what might have been, one must think about what is and what is now and what can be.

It was once about the moment, and then it was about the past but trying to be about the future but wanting it to be about the moment again.


Is it a success? What is success? How do you define success? Better that it makes you feel than worry about success.

If you feel good you have success, if you have success does it make you feel good?

How does it make you feel? More importantly how did it make her feel?

Be honest, not a hurtful honest but a kind one.

Be generous, not in a materialistic sense, but rather, in your nature.

Life can be so brutal and hard, so many lessons to learn.

She has learnt to be tough and hide the emotion, underneath a softness not seen.

She has learnt, no - she continues to learn.  What would life be if we stopped learning.

This artist is still waiting for life’s epiphany - impatiently.

© 2020 by Sarah Vandepeer @marby_road_art

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