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Hang'n up my boots.jpg

Hang’n up my Boots


Its time to say farewell my friend

Thanks for your service that’s now at an end

No more orders or control of my life

Time to stay home, spend time with the wife


You’ve been a good fit my comfy boot

Better than dress shoes or even a suit

It’s been a good life of that I’ve no doubt

But now I find we’re a bit aged and worn out


Time to move on and time for a rest

But what a good life I think I’ve been blessed

Not always easy, often terribly hard

A few jaded moments I’d prefer to discard


As I think of the journey we have had together

By day and by night regardless of terrain, season and weather

I will miss you my friend you’ve formed much of my life

But it was never forever, time to cut ties with a knife


I hope the next chapter is good for my sole

I know I must nurture myself to feel fully whole

So as I say my farewell, it is with sadness and tears

But onto what’s next despite all my fears.

charcoal tree.jpg
s_vandepeer_charcoalpencil brush.jpg
charcoal eye.jpg

Pen & Pencil

s_vandepeer_eye original.jpg
s_vandepeer_dog B&w.jpg
s_vandepeer_jug orig.jpg
s_vandepeer_stilllife bag b&w.jpg

Life Drawing

s_vandepeer_SBS life drawing.jpg
too too cropped.jpg
lady lying.jpg
bottom lying.jpg
man reclining cropped.jpg
prety lady modest.jpg
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