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Oil & Applique


24 x 36 x 1.5 Inches

boots 1.jpg

My Sanctuary

3 each 12 x 24 x 1 Inches

s_vandepeer_Iso at home x 3 .jpg


s_vandepeer_a cookie and a cuppa.jpg

A Cookie and a Cuppa


I can’t go out I’m stuck inside

I eat too much my waist is wide

My trackie pants - a little small

Diet and exercise has hit the wall


But I’m very comfy on my couch

My feet are up, I’m such a slouch

And a cuppa makes me feel so good

I’ll add a cookie, do you think I should?





A light went out today

My friend Nikki has had to go away

She's been my friend for forty years

We've partied hard, we've shed some tears.

Her being gone has left a gaping hole

I hurt so much, it tears my sole

I want her back, to tell her how I feel

This year its been so hard, will I ever heal? 


A light went out today

nothing will bring her back, nothing I do or say

It was a bright light, one that colours your world

but now it seems grey, even black, a meld

It didn't matter that we lived so far apart

life long friends, where do I start?

I know she didn't want to leave

But she had no choice so now I grieve

A light went out today

She's gone for ever and its not okay

She left such an impact on the lives she did touch

Her family, her friends we will miss her so much

She lit up a room with her warmth & her grace

She was loud, she was funny, with a beautiful face 

Life is not fair, it is cruel and its hard

I hurt so much but put up a facade


A light went out today

a shiny light with bling and a special way

A special person, a best friend, a great mother

a strong & beautiful person not quite like any other

The wines we have drunk to solve problems of the world 

The birthdays, the dinners, the parties she's held

now locked in my memories forever to savour

even to the last I don't think anyone could have been braver 

A light went out today

I wish it could be switched back on, I wish there was a way

Cancer - it snuffs out light and takes your life

Its taken a friend, a mother, a wife 

We must try to be grateful for the time that we had

But it's ever so hard and so terribly sad

Nikki was young with much still to do

She was loved by so many I think that she new

A light went out today

The tears that well up that I cant keep at bay

I didn't really think to say goodbye

I wanted her to live, to fight, to at least try

Maybe I was wrong to pressure her that way

I was thinking of myself, what else could I say

My friend will be forever in my heart

There is so much she gave, where do I start? 


A light went out today

Up in the sky near the milky way

Our Nik she is no longer around

Its quieter now, less colour, less sound

Her absence will forever be felt

the love and the warmth your heart it could melt

Fiery and stubborn, with a will that was strong

But not strong enough as she wasn't around long


A light went out today

I wish it hadn't as there is so much still to tell her & say

Two beautiful children she raised with such grace

I look at them now and can still see her face

A wonderful husband with faults just like mine

How much we discussed it over a glass of good wine

It is not right that she's been taken so soon

God its not fair, I only feel gloom


A light went out today

but in our hearts her glimmer will never go away

The Bridgelayer.jpg

Pen, Ink & Wash

sewing machine.jpg
s_vandepeer_pen and ink sketch.jpg
skeleton wash.jpg
ink bird.jpg

Water Colour

water colour flowers.jpg
s_vandepeer_watercolour lavender.jpg
s_vandepeer_watercolour flowers.jpg
s_vandepeer_water colour flower.jpg
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